Infinitẽ power distribution unit (PDU) designed for reliable power management to data center cabinet, for server cabinet may require high current circuits possibly from different phases of incoming power. Standalone cabinet PDUs are self-contained units that the basic model included power monitoring panels. Pre punched panels allow for safe input power entry. The customer can tailor made compatibility interface for the world modulation: standard power outlet module, digital energy ammeter, master switch, mini circuit breaker and etc.
32A Digital Energy Ammeter
250V AC Input connector
BS1363(45°) 13A 250VAC

Model NumberINC8350-UK20R / INC8350-UK20L
Socket TypeBS1363
Socket Quantity20
Cable with plugIP67 IEC60309 plug (32A 2P+E)
Cable Specification      3*6mm2 * 3m
Protection Function32A Digitl ammeter
Rate Voltage250V AC
Rate Current32A
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